Say it in Lights! Reserve a marquee message today!

Say It In Lights! Put Your Special Message On Our Marquee

We are offering the opportunity to put your message on our marquee for a limited time. Pop the big question, share a birthday wish, celebrate a special day, or send a shoutout to a special someone!

Your rental fee will help support the Tennessee and is greatly appreciated!

Rental Options

  • Package A: A single screen message appearing for 24 hours within the rotation of existing Tennessee theatre messages, no marquee lights on (vertical blade sign is lighted automatically at sunset) = $200
  • Package B: A single screen message that is the ONLY message on the message board for a maximum of 2 hours, no marquee lights on = $350
  • Package C: Same as option B, but with the marquee lights ON for a maximum of 2 hours = $500

Download Example Styles


Marquee Rental Details:

  • Messages are to be personal in nature and are subject to the Theatre's final approval. Messages that are deemed inappropriate (containing advertisements, political, religious, divisive, distasteful, or profane language) will not be displayed and your payment will be refunded in full.
  • Messages may be booked no earlier than two weeks in advance and must be booked at least two business days prior to the date you wish for your message to be displayed. Marquee availablility is subject to venue schedule.
  • The Tennessee Theatre may edit your message for space purposes. Edits may include using contractions for some words, abbreviations, and elimination of punctuation.
  • The Tennessee Theatre will choose the best design and layout for your message with available graphic elements in accordance to our branding. Design is at the discretion of the Theatre.
  • Messages must include standard characters only. As much as we love a smiling face, no emojis.
  • You will select your desired layout/icon and submit the text for the message. We will design and schedule your message at your selected day/time. We will not send a proof for approval.
  • Messages must be kept to a minimum of 3 lines. For legibility, each line should be short and sweet.
  • There may be limited or no availability on major holidays or special dates at the Theatre. (Thanksgiving and Christmas Days are not available.)
  • If you are booking a message to be displayed in our loop (Package A), be aware that static messages may be booked for 2 hour time blocks during the day in which your message will appear. This means your message will not appear during those time blocks. If you would like a guaranteed time during which your message will appear, you will need to choose Package B or C.
  • In the unlikely event of a scheduling conflict after your message display date/time has been confirmed, we will work with you to find another suitable timeframe.

Questions about renting the marquee? Email Nicki Collett at