COVID-19 and Show Updates 


 The Tennessee Theatre continues to adapt and update its protocols and procedures in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This page includes venue policies for health safety, and all information on canceled, postponed, and/or future-scheduled events. Please check here often for the latest information.


As we have returned to presenting live events, our top priority is still the safety and security of Tennessee Theatre audiences, performing artists, crew, and staff. We ask everyone to continue to do their part in ending the pandemic, so concerts and other entertainment we all have missed can be presented in our community and the Tennessee Theatre can remain open.


Effective December 1, 2021, any COVID-related protocols or restrictions that apply to ticketholders will be driven by individual artist/production requirements. Events will be updated with specifics, and ticketholders will be notified in advance. Additional protocols may be put in place at the requirement of a touring artist or production, and we will update this information on our website and communicate with ticket holders via email. At this time, there are no events with any COVID-related protocols to note.

Some artists may elect to cancel or reschedule their shows. In the case of such change, we will notify all ticket purchasers of any changes, update website listings accordingly, and post across our social networks. Additionally, artists or productions may require different restrictions from our standard venue policies. As soon as we are notified of such restrictions, they will be included in the list above.

For events not listed above with no specific artist-driven requirements, the Theatre will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Proof of vaccination or negative test results for patrons will NOT be required.
  • Masks for patrons are encouraged and welcomed, but will NOT be required. 
  • Attendees accept inherent risks and take full responsibility when attending any event at the Theatre.
  • The Theatre reserves the right to alter venue-wide protocols at any time in the future based on relevant data or other mitigating factors.

Events Currently Affected

  • There are no events currently affected.

Fans should hold on to their tickets as they will be valid for the rescheduled performance date. If ticketholders cannot attend the rescheduled date, they will be eligible for a full refund, however, refunds cannot be processed until the new dates are announced, and refunds may be delayed for a period of time after the announced date.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we enforce these protocols for the health and safety of everyone, so that Knoxville's Grand Entertainment Palace can remain open.



  • For shows that don’t require masks, we still encourage patrons to do what makes them comfortable and masks will be available upon request.
  • Performers and touring crew and all venue staff are subject to stricter COVID-19 protocols, and all venue staff will wear masks when interacting with patrons.
  • Needlepoint bipolar ionization systems and higher-MERV-rated air filters have been added to the building’s HVAC system, which has been proven to significantly reduce airborne viruses.
  • All faucets, soap/sanitizer dispensers, and paper towel dispensers have been replaced with touchless, automatic versions to reduce contact. After every ticketed event, the entire Theatre will be fully cleaned and sanitized, with focused attention on high-traffic areas such as main entry area, concessions, lobbies, auditorium, and bathrooms.
  • If you test positive and/or are sick with COVID-19 within 14 days of an event for which you hold a ticket, please contact the Tennessee Theatre and we will facilitate a full refund of your purchase.


Safety upgrades made possible in part by funding from: