Need special accomodations?


The staff of the Tennessee Theatre is dedicated to providing a comfortable and enjoyable theatre experience for patrons with disabilities. Patrons who wish to purchase seats designated for special needs and ADA should call the ticket office at   865.684.1200 to ensure the best seat for their needs.

Tickets available upon request and are subject to availability. The Tennessee Theatre has a variety of accessible seats available for wheelchair patrons and their companions. These seat locations are listed below.

Orchestra Left Front Row A Seats 9-11 *
Orchestra Right Center Row X Seats 2-16
Orchestra Left Center Row X Seats 1-15
Orchestra Right Row X Seats 32-34
Orchestra Left Row X Seats 31-33
Balcony Right Center Row EE Seats 2-8
Balcony Left Center Row EE Seats 1-7

*Wheelchairs with a height of forty-nine or more inches may not be seated in this row as the width of the wheelchair cannot exceed three feet, ten inches wide in this area. Patrons ordering seats in this row may be asked to certify that the wheelchair does not exceed these requirements.

The following seats are aisle seats available in the orchestra area, with hinged side arm rests that allow the patron to easily transfer from the wheelchair into the theatre seat. These seats are sold with one companion seat next to the transferable seat.

Orchestra Center:
Row A Seats 101-102
Row A Seats 110-111
Row C Seats 101-102
Row C Seats 112-113
Row G Seats 101-102
Row G Seats 116-117
Row S Seats 101-102
Row S Seats 114-115

Orchestra Left Center:
Row J Seats 1-3

Orchestra Right Center:
Row J Seats 2-4

Orchestra Left:
Row L Seats 43-45
Row T Seats 47-49

Orchestra Right:
Row L Seats 44-46

Sign-interpreted performances can be arranged in advance by contacting the Tennessee Theatre Ticket Office. Please specify that you want to purchase interpretation seats when ordering your tickets through the Tennessee Theatre Box Office. Tickets are available upon request and are subject to availability. The sign-interpreter must be scheduled two weeks in advance to guarantee this service.

The Tennessee Theatre offers Assisted Listening Devices for patrons with hearing disabilities. This service is free of charge and is available for most performances. Hearing devices are on first-come, first-served basis. The Tennessee Theatre requires a form of identification (driver’s license/credit card) to be held until the listening device has been returned.

All of the restrooms at the Tennessee Theatre are wheelchair accessible. They are located on the Lower Lounge Area as well as the Balcony. There is a single accessible restroom on the Main Lobby level next to aisle 1 of the orchestra level.

The Elevator is located in the main lobby and accesses all levels of the theatre.

Parking garages and lots in the area all have accessible parking for vehicles that have the proper hanging tag or license plate. There are multiple lots surrounding the theatre. Please click here for a list of garages and parking lots in the area.