Friends of the Tennessee Theatre

We greatly appreciate our members!


Kerstin and Michael Abbott

Kelly Absher

Angie and Maggie Adams

Mal Alder and Steven Brozyna

Jay and Sandra Aldrich

William and Shara Alexander

Robert Allen and Anna Starkova-Allen

Scott Altizer

Linda and Joseph Anello

Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music, LLC

Lacy Apperson

David and Meg Arning

Nic and Penny Arning

Brian and Sandra Austin

Steve and Bernadette Baker

Tupper Baker

Chris and Jessica Barksdale

Lynn Barnes

Kyli Barr

Patrick and Karen Barrett

Chip Barry and Travis Pyle

Rex and Kay Barton

Leslie Bazzoon

Walt and Gray Bearden

Cynthia and Randall Beatty

Robert Bebber and Elizabeth Elkins

Daniel and Jennifer Beckner

Gary and Julia Bentley

Michael Bernard and Michelle Grubb

Judy Birdwell

Jim Bishop

Michelle Bishop

Rick and Jenny Blackburn

Mona Blanton-Kitts

Taylor Boelman

Martha Boggs and David Patterson

Steven Bohr and Stephanie Miller

Harry Boston and Kimberly Brown

Jenny and Randy Boyd

John and Marty Boyd

Bedros and Dara Ayn Bozdogan

Mr.  Larry Brakebill

Dana Brandon

Robert and Rebecca Brehmer

Mary Ellen and Steve Brewington

Joey and Peggy Bridges

Jeff Broumas and Shari Craig

Brian and Becky Brown

Gregory Brown and Jodie Birdwell

Shannon Brown

Ray and Ann Browning

Anna Brownlee

John and Kathy Buckingham

Hal Buddenbohm

Barbara and Franz Buechele

Wayne and Kathy Bunch

Robert and Stefanie Burcham

Dane Burdette

Ms. Gayle Burnett

Betsy Haughton and John Bushore

Dona Byron and Greg Bosque

Rocco Caiata

Nicholas and Tina Cakmes

Kelley and Paul Calkins

Doug and Susan Campbell

Ed and Kim Campbell

Roberto Candelino and Carolyn Martino

Ashley Capps and Dr. Maria Clark

Bart Carey

Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael

Pat Carroll

Christopher Carter

Michael and Jane Casey

Chris Chandler and Rachel Zizka

Cory Chapman and Matthew Slone

Michael Charland and Lisa Hudson

Dale and Julia Christenson

Dr. Peter Claussen

James B. and Rhonda Rice Clayton

Mrs. Madge Cleveland

Mike Cohen and Gretchen Hartmann

Nicki and Brad Collett

Connie Collier and Reginald Sisson

David and Annie Colquitt

Michael Combs

Linda Compton and Jack Loring

Michael and Carol Connor

Donna Conti and Tom Smith

Carolyn Pierson Cook

Gail and Kenny Cook

Donald and Mella Cooke

Mikaela Cooney

Robert and Julia Cooper

James and Mary Costner

Dan and Darcie Cotten

Sandra Coward

Larry and Brenda Cox

John Craig and Coral Turner

Jill and Scott Crawford

Kenneth and Jane Creed

Ms. Betsey Creekmore

Melanie and James Crook

Cynthia Crosby

Randal Croshaw and Carol Wicks

Stacy Crow

Patricia Crumpton

Benjamin and Virginia Cunningham

Ann and Greg Curtin

Bill and Kat Dabbs

Jimmy and Lois Dalton

Jed and Marsha Dance

Mary Fran Darwin

Anita and Clay Davis

Deborah Davis

Johnny Davis and Jorja Clark

Laura and Rick Davis

Rachel and Matthew Davis

Nancy and Paula Dearolf

Cynthia Deitle and Kristina Norris

James and Lisa Denny

George and Cathy Depanicis

Sarah and Harry DeYoung

Orlando and Donna Diaz

Arthur and Desiree Dick

Mike Dillard

Jim and Candice Dingus

Jon and Denise Dittrich

Ross and Ann Dodson

Thomas and Marlene Doolan

Paul Drozdowski and Donna Lefebvre

Janet Drumm

John Duckett

Earl Duff Subaru

Susan and Richard Edwards

Phyllis and John Eldridge

Bridgette and Gary Ellis

Vickie Ellis and Joe Hoagland

Mary Ann and Peter Emanuel

Nicholas Emiliani

Saeed Etezadi and Julie Mannino

Thomas and Kira Evans

Stephanie Ewers

Dr. Walter and Mrs. Lynne Fain

Cameron and Carol Faircloth

Tammie Farrar

Ron and Melissa Feinbaum

Mac Feinman

Tom and Sabrina Feiten

Kirk Finnerty

Michael Fitzgerald

Melanie and Jeff Flickinger

Lisa and Keith Gerlach

Ted Flickinger, Jr. and Julie Howard

Ken and Dianne Foster

Beth Fox

Rick Fox and Ralph Cianelli

Robert and Cindy Fox

Jeff and Michelle Fratus

Donald and Cordelia Freeman

Michael Fries and Nohemi Zerbi

Charles Fritts

Vincent and Carolyn Fusco

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galyon

Doug Gamble and Nina Gregg

Joy and Victor Gatto

Julia Gause and James Johnson

Daniel Gelb

Mr. Philip J. Geyer

Cynthia Gibson and David Gilbert

Patricia and Michael Gibson

Amy and Jeff Gilbert

G. Gregory and Beth Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert

Deane and DeeAnn Gionta

Dianna and Kelly Glandon

Tyger Glauser and Dustin Nicholas

Wesley Goddard and Randall DeFord

Ms. Margaret Goodman

Laurel Goodrich and Jim Harb

Randal and Marguerite Graham

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Grapski

Debbie Gray

Marsha and Duane Grieve

Emily and Christopher Gunther

David and Cynthia Hagen

Brooks Hall

Meredith Hall

Michelle Hall

Toni Hammer and Denny Ritchey

Michael and Dawn Hammond

Becky Hancock

Grant and Ann Hansen

Joe and Sandi Harper

Matthew and Linda Harris

Celia Harrison

Andrew Hart

Bruce and Tami Hartmann

Jenny and Robert Harvey

Cliff Hawks

Jeffrey and Laura Hay

Kim and Jim Hays

Scott Henderson

Mary Kay Henry

Sallie and Richard Henson

Celeste and Ralph Herbert

Janet Herrin

John and Haverly Hildreth

Richard and Deanna Hill

Sherry and Stephen Hillis

Andy and Veazey Hillmer

Jenny Hines

Dr. and Mrs. J. Parks Hitch, Jr.

Megan and Jack Hoar

Douglas Hodson

Ms. Felicia Hoehne

Dan and Mary Holbrook

Marsha Hollingsworth

Holston Gases

Kevin and Diana Homan

Lila Honaker

Clifton and Angela Horne

Maria and Ira Houchins II

Laura and Roger Houck

David and Heather Hughes

Patty and Dan Hurst

Lacy and Ernie Husk

Kirk and Lisa Icuss

Margaret Ivers

Tony and Linda Jackson

Philip Jacobs

Stanton Jacobs

Robert Janke

Richard Jansen

Elaine Jarratt

Kristin Jasper

Andy Jeffers and Devin Joseph

Phillip and Jenny Jennings

Jeffrey and Evelyn Johnson

Kelly Johnson and Jonathan Wimmer

Michael Johnson

William and Sally Johnson

Kathy and David Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Donna Johnston

Barry and Chellie Jones

David and Jeanne Claire Jones

Dylan Jones and Erica Lyon

David Jones

Samyah Jubran

Elie Kahn and Pat Lanclos

Susan Kaplar

Therese Karlsson

Gassan and Anne Kassira

Marty and Joe Keefe

Steve and Janet Keeney

Jeanette Kelleher and Gregory Stein

Michael and Jaan Anne Kelly

Susan and Brian Kemp

Ricardo and Melba Kendrick

David Kennedy

Reba and Ronald Kennedy

Joseph M Kennedy

John Kenny

John and Dianne Kerr

Shawnna Kettleman

Mark and Ann King

Chris Kittrell

Peggy and Paul Klein

Amanda Koontz

Diana and Jim Koza

Dina Kramer

Brian and Debora Kroll

Matt and Pam Landry

Chuck and Rosemary Laney

Kim and Kent Lauth

Bill Law

Marcia Lawson

Phillip Lawson

Todd Lebert

Carlene and Mike Lecompte

Robert Lederer and Kay Clayton

Richard and Pamela Lee

Sherri Lee and Courtney Lee

Ryan and Caroline Levenson

Christa and Michael Lewis

James and Marguerite Lewis

Michelle and Scott Lohmann

Tracy Long

Theresa and Jacob Love

Amanda and Tommy Lovingood

Kimberly Lukacz

Anne and Greg Lyles

William Lyles

Rick and Deb Lyon

Betty and Bill Mackebee

Kristi and Steven Maddox

Mrs. Charmaine Mamantov

Mark and Cathy Mamantov

Mike Mangione

Susan and David Marcinek

Susan Marti

Bryan Martin

David and Sandra Martin

William H Martin and Robin Helton

Deborah Mastella-Sershon and Peter Sershon

Lisa Kay and Henry Matchen

Joe and Debbie Matteo

David and Melissa Mayes

Elizabeth and Fred McBee

Kristen and Ryan McBee

Maureen and Neil McBride

Mark and Shannon McCarthy

Lowell and Barbara McCauley

Bryan McIsaac

Mark and Joanne McKinnon

Pamela McMahan

Sherry and John McNair

Graham and Kimberly McNeil

Kevin Meyers

John and Elizabeth Milam

Drew and Laura Miller

Elizabeth and Robert Miller

Michael and Barbara Miller

John and Patricia Mills

Becky and David Mink

William and Patrice Minteer

Charlene and Joe Mischlich

Mr. Sam Mishu

Tricia Monroe

Peter and Jenny Moore

Sherry and Charles Morgan

Michelle and Brad Morrow

Julie and Don Moul

Jen and Matt Mowrer

Ross Myers

Lisa Swersky-Myers and John Myers

Chandra Myrick

Bonna Nash

Michael Natzke

Judi and John Nelson

Jim and Mary Normand

Waleed Nour

James and Sue Oakes

Wesley Oberholzer

Kevin OHara and Esther Wallace

Tjuan and Sara Overly

Dennis Owen and Robin Knapp

Thomas and Fredda Owens

Richard Pacelle and Fenton Martin

Paul and Michelle Pardue

Tony Parkerson and Rosemary Quillen

Anthony Parnell

Blair and Jenna Patteson

Sarah and Brian Patton

Carol and Phil Payne

Therese and William Peek

Tracy Pesut and Randy Petty

Rosemary and Michael Petrone

Avis Phillips

Poke and Sherry Phillips

Edgar and Muriel Phoebus

Stephanie and Michael Pierce

Elmer and Michelle Pinzon

William and Laura Pippin

Emily and Jim Plemmons

Ronald Plybon

Mark Podgorski

Steve Polte

June Ponzio

Bryan and Rachel Powell

Prestige Cleaners

Charles and Dara Price

Allyn and John Schwartz

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Queen

Bretynn Race and William Scullin

Chad and Christie Ragle

Bill and Tanya Ramsey

Karen Reagor

Katherine Reed

Ms. Nina Reineri

Laura J Renfro

Sandy and Steve Reynolds

Emily Sue Richardson

Roger Richmond

Mary Riedner and Herb Baker

William and Becky Rieger

Karen and Timothy Roberto

David Robinson

Jeff and Sherri Robinson

David and Diane Roche

Madeleine Rogero and Gene Monaco

Jamie Romines and James Foster

Robert Roseberry

Doug and Jennifer Ross

Howard and Janice Rosser

Gisela Roufs

Matt and Heather Ryerson

Lauren and Barak Saltzman

Jean and Michael Sanford

Finbarr Saunders and Ellen Bebb

Michael and Dawn Sayne

Zane and Teresa Scarlett

Ralph Schindler

James and Debbie Schmid

Thomas and Susan Schmid

Elizabeth and Neil Schmitt

Todd and Linda Schultz

Russell and Karen Schutte

Heather Seiber

Douglas and Shirley Selby

Sue Sewing and Diana Wolfram

Rex Sexton

Evelyn and Tom Shaw

Elizabeth Sherrod

Amy and Tripp Shewmake

Dean Shiflett and Kathy Stinnett

Judy and David Shiflett

CJ Sillers

Pamela Silvan

Jack Singleton and Becky Fuller

Helen Sirett and Ken Hendrix

Tom and Blair Skaggs

J. Frank and Deanna B. Slagle

Zachary and Samantha Smeltzer

Bonnie and Steve Smith

D. Renee Smith and Pamela Morris

D. Warren and Katherine Smith

Katie Smith and Jeremiah Goldston

Pamela and Jeffrey Smith

Scott and Jan Smith

Sam Smith

John and Pamela Snider

Michelle and George Solomon

David Sorge and Boni Petit

LeAnn Sparks and Joe Snyder

Gail N. Steele-Sheely

Mary George Stephenson

Debra Stewart

Jennie Stewart

Teresa and Stephen Stewart

Donald Stoner and Faith Ferguson

Susan Strano

Erik and Erin Stringfellow

Latisha Stubblefield

Doyle and Dina Stulting

Troy and Georgette Suggs

Karen and Greg Swabe

Jenny and Daniel Swanson

Gregg and Patti Swersky

Glenn and Joan Swift

Jeff Swilley

Sandi Swilley

Allen and Susan Tate

Diane and Maury Taylor

John and Kathy Tedford

Melissa Teng Towle and John Towle

Ms. Donna Terzak

Mr.  John Z. C. Thomas

Lee Thompson

Sandra Todoro

Charlotte Tolley

Melissa and John Towle

Bo and Elizabeth Townsend

Mary and Scott Townsend

Lance and Marnie Tracy

Timothy and Colleen Trapuzzano

Phillip and Jennifer Trussell

Peggy and Ron Turner

Rick and Marilyn Turner

Michael and Lindsey Twardy

Terry and Linda Tyler

Robyn and George Ulrich

David and Mary Underwood

Terri Utsey

Alexina and William Van Pelt

Georgiana Vines

Nancy Voith and Kenneth Stark

Jeannie Judd and Ron Wagner

Kim Walters and Steve McKinney

Jim and Candy Wansley

Jennifer and Ken Waterhouse

David Watson

Susan and Robert Watson

Michael and Tonya Weaver

John and Cynthia West

Jimbo and Ginger Whaley

William Wheeler

Michael and Sherry Whitaker

Kevin and Holly White

Elizabeth Williams

Keebler and Stacey Williams

Susan and Dick Williams

Pam Williams and Kim Ballard

Gannon Willis

Russ and Nicole Wilson

Tammy and Mark Wilson

Timothy Wilson

Vicki Wilson

Anthony Wilson and Tyler Janow

James Wilson

Katie and Craig Witsoe

Tommy and Lisa Wolf

Frank and Lisa Wright

Stephen and Kaye Wright

Kathleen Wynegar

Jody and James Zahn

Jim and Cathy Zarchin

Warren and Kathleen Zaugg

Howard and Elizabeth Zoldessy