Thank you to our marquee campaign donors!

 Thanks to the generous support of these donors, our marquee and vertical sign will look better and shine brighter!

Vertical Sign Letter Donors

"T" - Dr. Deborah Franklin
"E" - Mast General Store
"N" - Jack and Maggie Singleton
"N" - Jerry and Denise Rivers
"E" - Anonymous
"S" - Creative Reflections, Inc.
"S" - Carl Ragan, In memory of my wife Karen Blaine Ragan
"E" - In honor of Ramita Emeline "Mimi" Johnson
"E" - In honor of Charles Elliot "CJ" Johnson

Marquee Letter Donors

"T" - Tom and Evelyn Shaw
"E" - In honor of Joe and Alice Vasey
"N" - In honor of Ruth and Ken Rice
"N" - In honor of Ruth and Kyle Ripley
"E" - In honor of Curtis Wright, Robert Greely, Alec Woodhull
"S" - In honor of Carolyn Travis, Jacquelyn Robert
"S" - In honor of Helen and Robert E Jackson
"E" - In honor of Bob Bailey, Reverend Jackie Simpson
"E" - Tom and Evelyn Shaw

Medallion Donors

National Trust Insurance Services
Ethel, Bill, Woodruff, Tom and Blair Skaggs

Buy a Bulb Donors

Joyce Abel
Gerald Adler
All 4 You Photobooth
Lesli Alcorn
Jo Allee
Bruce and Monique Anderson
In honor of Kellye Deane Lane Anderson
In honor of Richard Baylor Jr.
Susan and Bennie Arp
Brian and Sandra Austin
Barbara Bailes
Scott Ballard and Merri Scott Wyatt
Rudy and Lori Baltajan
In honor of Billy Barnes
Anne Barre
Alex and Denise Bash
Tricia Bateman
In memory of Moe Baun
Paul Bates and Ann Bridges
In honor of Richard Baylor Jr.
Mary Celeste Beall
Teresa Bennett and Rocky Elrod
Greg and Bev Benzon
Mark Biagi, D.D.S.
Big Orange Tailgating
Tony and Betty Bird
Roger Blanken
In honor of Joy Blazer
Stergios Botzakis and Nora Vines
Danny Bowers
Mary Langston Boyles
Leonard and Gail Brabson
In honor of Helen Bradburn
Michael and Joan Brennan
Clint Brewer
In honor of J Paul and Reba Hammond Brewer
In honor of Kinsey Brewer
In honor of Virginia Lee Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brinkman
Pam and Jim Brock
In celebration of the marriage of Aaron and Noelle Brooks
Kimberly Brown
Lyn Brown
Rick Brown
Laura Bullock
Kathryn and Scott Burich
Ray and Louise Burman
Gayle Burnett
In memory of Jonathan H. Burnett
Kurt and Susan Butefish
In honor of Nathan Butler
In honor of Nicholas Butler
Matt Cale and Avy Bastyr
In honor of Glenda Calhoun
Kristina Campbell
In honor of Elizabeth Cantrell
Suzanne Carlson
In honor of Maddox Sophia Carpenter
In honor of Cory Chapman
Lauren Chesney
Lauren Chiles and Gerald Witt
In honor of Kevin Chorlins and Derek Johnson
William and Vicki Christensen
In honor of Rob Claassen
Claire, Joe, and Taylor Anne Clark
In memory of Bobby Clemons
Ben Cochran
Robert and Mary Anne Cofer
Barry and Jackie Cole
In honor of Mrs. Sarah Coleman
Mark and Susan Collins
Celebrating 7 years of magical marriage for Matt and Kristin Collins
Mike and Chris Collins
Michael Combs
Shawn and April Comerford
Katie and Mark Connor
In honor of Wesley Connor
Robert and Julia Cooper
Clyde Cowan and Jeanette Harris
Bruce and Carolyn Cox
Karen and Dennis Cox
In honor of Peter Courtney
Jill and Scott Crawford
Bob and Amy Cross
Curry Copy Center
Ed and Cathy Curtis
In honor of Tim Curtis
Anne E. Davidson
Anita Davis
Ellen F. Davis
Sara L. Davis
In memory of Shirley C. Dean
Dave DeBruicker
In honor of Robert E. Debusk by his family
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Decker
In loving memory of Fred Dehler (Dad, Grandpa & Great Grandpa)
Harold and Lucinda Denton
Sarah and Hardy Deyoung
Edward Dildine and Tara Dalton
Orlando and Donna Diaz
In honor of Eddie Steven Dixon
Thomas and Marlene Doolan
David and Kathy Doyle
In honor of Peggy (Pege) Drinkard
Shannon and David Driver
Eric and Janet Drumm (In honor of music from WALT)
In honor of John Dulworth
David Dunn
Don and Nancy Dunning
Whitney Dunford
Eden Crest Vacation Rentals Inc.
In honor of Robert Edmunds
In honor of Christopher S. Edwards
In honor of Ryan Edwards
Don Eisenberg
In honor of Brayden J. Elliot
Rusty Ensor
Mari and Brian Entwistle
Kathy and Bob Ernst
Jim and Gwen Erpenbach
Jake and Erica Eskew
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Everett
In honor of Bernadette Fasone
In honor of Tobias Feigl
Dora Fisher
Richard Fix
In honor of Bill and Kitt Fizz
Todd and Andrea Flanders
Ronnie Flaugh
Greg and Alta Floyd
In honor of Kelly Brewer Forrest
Tom and Debi Forrester
Diana Fox and Johnny Horner
In honor of Mark Fox
Rick Fox and Ralph Cianelli
In honor of Sheila Fox
Susanne Foxx
Katherine and James Frank
In honor of Michelle Fratus
Sarah Frazier
Jami and John French
Rick Furman
Vince and Carol Fusco
The Felix and Margaret R. Gaiter Family
Julie Gause and Jay Johnson
In honor of Madeline and Audrey Gibson
Evelyn and Michael Gill
In honor of Elizabeth Gipson
Dianna and Kelly Glandon
Geoff Graves
Robert and Amy Green
Ellis Gokey
In honor of Jered Gold
In honor of Jack and Grant Goranflo
Randal Graham
Mary Sue Greiner and Sam Young
Brad and Joy Guilford
In honor of Marianne Gurley
Bill Hall
Harvey Hall
Marilyn and Stuart Hammond
In honor of Michael and Deborah Harvey
Roger Harvey
David Hatmaker Family
Stephen and Ann Hatmaker
Dennis and Kathy Hayward
Billy and Jennifer Heady
In honor of Mr. Gale Helton
In honor of Easton Bradley Henderson
Richard and Deanna Hill
In loving memory of Jack Hinkle (Dad & Granddad)
In loving memory of Nola Hinkle (Mom & Nana)
Kim and Randy Hinton
Hitefield Woodworks
In honor of Margaret Hodges
In honor of Mark Holland
Linda and Robert Hollerorth
Ed Hoskins
In memory of John A. Israel
Julie Howard and Ted Flickinger
Donald and Linda Howell
Brenda and Avery Huff
Richard and Jay Hughes
Sarah Hunt
Jackie and Jacqueline Hill
Philip Hipps and Bill Cameron
James E. Hodge III
Nina and Brad Howell
Chester and Lynn Hunt
Jim, Lois, & Leslie Idol
Lee and Bitsy Ingram
In memory of John A. Israel
John Jacobs
David and Jocelyn Jeffries
Beverly Jenes and Chuck Hill
Jerald and Rebecca Jenkins
Ray and Belynda Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Jennings and Kristiana Jennings
Paula Jennings and David Diehl
Phillip and Jenny Jennings
Jan and Dick Jesse
David and Sherry Joffe
Brian Johnson
In honor of John and Jodie Johnson
Tonjanita and Tony Johnson
Brandon and Veronica Jones
Dustin Jones
Tommye Jordan
In honor of Anthony Joseph
Wayne Judy
Bill and Janet Kappa
Virginia Kasper
Jennifer Keaton-Marion and Justin Marion
Ronald and Dr. Linda Keck
Lee and Ann Keener
Jim and Terry Kelly
Mary Ann Kenik
Michael and Michelle Kenik
Gary and Denise Kinney
In rememberance of Steven Dorsey Kirkham
Kayla Kirland
Robert Kivett
Peggy and Paul Klein
Steve and Candy Koenemann
Deborah Lankford
Curtis Lee
Keith Leonard
William and Pamela Leskowyak
Robert and Susanne Kozma
Noel Kuck
In honor of Harry I. Lane
In honor of Mary Lane
Polly and Larry Lanz
The Larry Cox Senior Center
In honor of JD Laten
Marcia Lawson
Marsha and Wesley Lawson
David and Judy Lee
Craig Lewis and Cathy Sills-Lewis
In honor of Judy Ann Lundy "Nana"
In honor of Shaam Makan
Charmaine Mamantov
Mary Martin and Allen Keller
James and Wendy Matthews
In honor of Dr. Anthony F. Maxwell
Audrey and Stephen May
Julie McCallie
Bruce McCamish
In honor of Peter McClair
Wade McGarity
Paul and Alicia McKee
In honor of Arthur and Patty McKenzie
Ronnie McKenzie and Dixie Barker
Geoffrey and Brooke Milanovich
Terry and Jan Miller
Becky and David Mink
Clayton Mitchell
Mike and Ramona Mitchell
Sara Mitchell
Joe Moore
In honor of Michelle Moran
Jen and Matt Mowrer
Tracy Mulder
Daisy Mullins
Patricia S. Murphy
Dave Myers and Cheryl Mason
Jerrin Nabors and Colt Clark
Monica and Cory Nebelhopf
Allen and Martha Neel
Whitney Newman
Ted and Bobbi Newsom
Ruth H. Newsom
In honor of Kathryn Newton
David Newvine
Helen S. Nicholson and Hamill B. Carey
Wally Nour
Jo Dell and Randy Oaks
Steve and Deborah Obermann
Michael and Emma O'Donnell
Elizabeth Offringa
Garth Ogle
Terry Olberding
James and Morgan Overholt
Chuck and Shirley Overstreet
Dave Overton
Thomas and Fredda Owens
Peter Pallesen
In honor of Norma Lucille Parmly
Partners Development
Terry and Donna Payton
Michelle and Mike Phillips
Cherie Piercy
Jim and Norma Pierson
William E. Pittman
George and Victoria Pliagas
Louise Poates
Luke Presley
Michael Priestap and Susan Kuliasha
In honor of Bill Prince
Emily and Jason Pritt
Bill and Rosemary Pryor
Joseph Radtke
Lytle and Susan Rather
John and Nancy Ray
Karen Reagor
Jim Reca
In honor of William Reda
Davis and Susan Reed
Nancy Reed
Ryan and Lauren Reed
Diane Reynolds
Roger Richmond
Teresa and Ray Riggs
David Ritter
Mary Robbins
Dash and Debbie Roberts
Eddy and Toni Roberts
Janie and Jeff Robinson
Nora Robinson
Brandon and Lisa Rochelle
Rob Roman
Damon Rose and Laura VanVleet
Anita and Carroll Rousseau
Gary and Sandra Rowcliffe
In honor of Loren Ruch and David Salas
Daniel Rudder
Robert Rush
Timothy and Julie Sampson
Marjorie Sams
Kelly and Craig Schwartz
In honor of James D. Schmid Jr.
In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Gary Schneider
Todd Schultz
Lori and Harold Schwack
John and Chris Scurlock
In honor of Jeff Sears
John and Gigi Seivers
Charles and Nancy Sells
Cecilia Shanks
In honor of Martha E. Sharp
Steven and Jennifer Sherman
Amy and Tripp Shewmake
Dana and Laurie Shillingburg
The Shock Family
Andrew G. and Pat Shockley
In honor of Kathy Shubert
In honor of Matthew Sloan
Matthew Slovin and Stephanie Kors
James Larry and Mary Nell Smith
Joan Smith
Katie Smith
In honor of Marka Marie Presley Smith
Rick and Sherry Sneed
Laura Sohn and Carlos Anderson
Mary Stabile
Eddie Stair
In honor of Alma Ruth Stanifer
John S. and Charlene Stansberry
Jennie Stewart
Mary Ann Stiles, Kendra Sellers, and Junelle Sellers
The J. Stone Family
Thomas and Beth Stubbs
In honor of Jerry Surber
Susan Suter
Mary Ellen Sweeney
Allen and Susan Sweetser
Glenn and Joan Swift
Sandi Swilley and Allen Tillman
In celebration of the marriage of Wee Teng Tan and Jennifer Tsao
In honor of Nick Teague
In honor of Annabelle Temperance
In honor of Amanda Thorns
Peg and Ed Tinnel
Hanson and Elizabeth Tipton
Clay Thompson
Wayne and Marilyn Toppins
Lance and Marnie Tracy
In honor of Ruth Miller Turner
Robyn and George Ulrich
In honor of Robyn Ulrich
Marc and Teressa Upchurch
Micah Veilleux and Selina Maley
In honor of Mary Ann Venable
Georgiana Vines
Jim Wagoner
Dennis and Patsy Walker
Tim and Leslie Walker
Agnes and Bernard Wallace
Beth and David Walters
Jim and Candy Wansley
In honor of Troy Arlan Washam, Sr.
In memory of Robert H. Watson, Jr.
Ian Watt
Melissa Webb
Carl and Judie Weisser
Richard and Margaret Welch
Dana Wells
In honor of Edgar and Fannie Whitaker
Tammy White
Scotti Whitmire and Amy Bell
Manya Whitney-Miller and Travis Miller
In memory of James R. Whittlesey
Jeff Wilke and Richard Pratt
Susan and Dick Williams
Steven Wilmouth
Bill and Judy Wilson
In memory of Harlan and Bernice Wormsley
In honor of Mickey and Krista Wormsley
In honor of Neal and Jo Wormsley
Dara Worrell and Tim Sykes
Melissa Wood
Stephen and Kaye Wright
Craig and Sue Wrisberg
Claire Wylie
In honor of Randy and Jenni Wylie
Nina Wyrick
Amanda Yager
In honor of Shandon Youngclaus
Jim and Cathy Zarchin
Max, Jenna, and Juliette Zarchin

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