It takes a village December 14, 2018
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There are a lot of moving pieces and parts in the world of entertainment. And there are many behind the scenes goings on that many folks can’t even imagine.

What do the Mighty Wurlitzer and IP addresses have in common? They both help the Tennessee Theatre delight and entertain guests! Allevia Technology is our IT partner and they help us make things run smoothly. Although some staff members at Allevia Technology can barely play the hokey pokey, they can ping, trace route, and provide oversight and technical assistance to the Theatre’s performers, guests, and staff.

Did you buy your ticket online? A staff person at the Theatre probably used a wireless device to scan your ticket – that small transaction needs a mountain of technical infrastructure and processing to make sure you can enjoy that Broadway play – everything from wifi to a VPN tunnel is necessary to make this transaction happen.

Allevia Technology helps the Theatre with everything from making sure that your ticket can be scanned to ensuring that the staff members of the Theatre have a reliable computer that is updated and secured. They provide managed services to the Theatre proactively and they offer fast response in the event of any issues that arise.

You’ve heard the saying – it takes a village. We are thankful for our many partners, including Allevia Technology, who help us create the magic of the Tennessee!

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