A legacy continued May 15, 2017
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As my year at the Historic Tennessee Theatre winds down, I am full of satisfaction and love for all aspects of the Theatre. My memories of the theatre stretch far beyond just my internship. My grandfather, James A. Dick, began his legacy here many, many years ago and I have had the luxury of visiting and beginning my memories with the theatre since my first visits to the state of Tennessee. This place is very near and dear to my heart as well as my family’s and I am blessed to have stretched my memories into new appreciations for the theatre through my internship as a marketing intern.

Through my time here, I have helped with the marketing tactics for the announcement of the 2017-2018 Broadway season and the creation of content for and monitoring of social media. I have also attended design and public relations meetings with third party vendors, met various people in the entertainment business, and assisted with many other projects such as merchandising and event planning. At meetings I listen and take notes on how important the smallest word placement can be. All aspects of my work tie well into my studies at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the terms I hear in class are frequently used in meetings and conversation throughout my internship experience.

With my caring supervisor, Lila Honaker, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. From my first days of my tour of the theatre led by Becky Hancock, I have learned little anecdotes about all nooks and crannies special to the renovation of the Tennessee. Now, when I walk through the lobby I know the story of the chandeliers hanging above me, each one so pertinent to the theatre with a designated name – after stagehands’ girlfriends.

One of the most recent memories I have from my work revolves around the special ornaments. These ornaments are beautiful works of art made in Poland. I have been fortunate to see the preview of the new ornaments before they come out as well and have been responsible for packaging and shipping them to buyers. There have been two wonderful ornaments, both special to the Tennessee and special to each ornament owner.

Not only do I see new products the theatre offers before they are released to the public, but I also have gained a special set of skills from my work. I have learned how to become detail oriented in my work and have become a more efficient user of Microsoft Excel.

I have learned how to communicate with people of all ages, from the elder crowd at Mighty Musical Monday to small children at the theatre’s Frozen movie night last winter.

Aside from family being involved with the Tennessee, I have now been lucky to become a part of the work team and I can say I have found my own family here through my internship. This is something truly special about the Theatre, a place where every employee can comfortably find his or her niche and fill the office with laughter and fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed each day at the theatre; I shadowed the managers at shows, sold merchandise for big events, learned a lot in meetings, and honed my social media skills. My talents have grown widely from my time here and I can leave with the satisfaction of so many new experiences!

-Marilyn Dick

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