Historic Tennessee Theatre - Est. 1928 Knoxville, Tennessee

Wulitzer Organ

The Official State Theatre of Tennessee

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Ticketing FAQ

We want to assist you with your ticket selection and purchase. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them directly – simply call the Tennessee Theatre Box Office at 865-684-1200 ext 2.

Where is the Tennessee Theatre Box Office located? When is it open?

The Tennessee Theatre has two box office locations – on Clinch Avenue beside the Theatre and on Gay Street in the front of the Theatre. The Clinch Avenue box office is located on the Clinch Avenue side of the Tennessee Theatre building. There is a sign marked “Tennessee Theatre Box Office” directly above the entrance. The Clinch Avenue box office is open weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm & Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. The Gay Street box office is located at the front of the Theatre, on the right side of the building (behind the historic ticketing kiosk, which is now used as a display). The Gay Street box office is open on performance days beginning at least one hour prior to the start of the performance. Unless there is a performance scheduled, the box office is closed on Sundays. To reach the box office by phone during business hours, please call 865-684-1200 and choose option 2.


How can I purchase tickets?

There are several ways to purchase tickets. Single tickets may be purchased online via this website. Each show description has a direct link for ticket purchases, or you may click here for a list of all Tennessee Theatre shows that are currently on sale. You can buy your tickets securely, at your convenience, day or night, 365 days a year. If you prefer to order tickets via telephone, you can call the Tennessee Theatre box office at 865-684-1200, option 2, during normal business hours, or order via Knoxville Tickets at 865-656-4444 or 877-995-9161 Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. You may also purchase tickets in person at any of the Knoxville Tickets outlets (Rhythm Section in Gatlinburg, Disc Exchange, UT Central Ticket Office, and Knoxville Civic Coliseum, Clayton Center for the Arts in Maryville). Orders are processed only after a billing address has been verified. Occasionally, Knoxville Tickets receives incorrect credit card account information for a ticket order that can delay processing and delivery. Tickets can be mailed to you via standard mail, or Knoxville Tickets orders may be shipped overnight via UPS for an additional fee. Please allow 14 days for delivery via standard mail. You may also choose to have your tickets held for you at Will Call the night of the performance to save on shipping and handling fees. During events, the Gay Street box office opens one hour prior to show time. Doors to the lobby also open one hour prior to show time.


Are my seats together if they are numbered 1 and 3 or 2 and 4?

Yes. Seats in the Right sections of the Orchestra and Balcony Levels are even-numbered seats. Seats on the Left sections of the Orchestra and Balcony Levels are odd-numbered seats. Seats in the Center section of the Orchestra Level are consecutively numbered starting with 101.


Do you have discounts for children, students or senior citizens?

Student, child and senior discounts are occasionally offered. Please call the Tennessee Theatre Box Office at 865-684-1200 optopn 2 to ask if a performance has any discounts.


If I order tickets online will I be sent a confirmation e-mail?

Yes, you should receive a confirmation via e-mail almost immediately after your purchase is made. It is also a good idea to print the confirmation page displayed once your order is complete. This confirmation page will have all of your information if for some reason you do not receive an e-mail or if there is an issue with your order.


What age is appropriate for a child to see a performance?

While most of our shows are appropriate for all ages, we do have some concerts that have strict age requirements (18 and older). Please contact the Tennessee Theatre Box Office to ask if there are any age restrictions or adult nature to the performance that you want to attend. Most children over the age of four can enjoy a two hour performance while remaining happily and quietly seated. However, you know your child’s nature the best. We do offer family friendly shows and movies. Please call the Tennessee Theatre Box Office for a list of upcoming family friendly shows. Please note: for most shows, children under the age of two do not require a ticket if they sit on the parent’s lap.


Is the Tennessee theatre wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Please call the Tennessee Theatre Box Office (865) 684-1200 ext. 2 during regular business hours for accessible or special needs seating. For more information about special needs seating, please click here.


Will I get the best seats if I purchase online? Can I select specific seats?

All seats are available via the Internet. Knoxville Tickets is designed to sell tickets beginning with the most desirable location within the seating section that you select, but does not allow you to pick specific seats. Specific seats may be selected via phone orders or through any Knoxville Tickets Outlets. All seating is subject to availability.


Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, your credit card information is transmitted securely when purchasing through Knoxville Tickets. You should see a padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window when entering your credit card and personal information; this icon indicates that the site is SSL secured.


What is the best way to get my tickets?

If time allows, it is best to have tickets mailed to you in order to review them when they arrive. Check the day, date and time of the performance and the number of tickets to make sure your order is correct. If there is not sufficient time to mail your tickets, they may be held at Will Call for pickup the evening of the show.


When and where do I pick up Will Call tickets?

The Will Call window is located at the Gay Street Box Office (front entrance of the theatre). Will Call generally opens one hour prior to the performance unless otherwise stated. In order to pick up tickets at Will Call, you will need to present a valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport) along with the credit card used to purchase the tickets. The Box Office staff will not release tickets if the name on the ID or credit card does not match the name given at the time of purchase. If you are purchasing tickets for someone else to pick up, please make sure to add their name to the order at the time of the purchase to ensure that there is no confusion when they arrive to pick up the tickets.


How early should I arrive if I have my tickets in hand?

We suggest that you try to get there at least one half-hour before the performance. Arriving early will give you time to get to your seat, get a beverage or snack and enjoy the overall ambiance of the beautifully renovated Theatre. Traffic and parking can be unpredictable, so plan to arrive early to assure an enjoyable experience.


If I’m late, where do I get my tickets?

Our box office is generally open through intermission. If the box office has already closed for the evening, Will Call tickets will be left with the ushers at the main door. Late seating varies from show to show. If there is a strict late seating policy, you will not be allowed to go to your seats until a pause in the performance. All sales are final; therefore your tickets cannot be sold to someone else. Most performances begin on time, so please be prompt.


When I purchase tickets online, why is there a time limit when making the purchase?

When you are shopping for tickets, you are “holding” real inventory. No one else will be able to purchase unless you release them. Due to high demand, a policy has been implemented to limit the time during the checkout process. Each checkout page is assigned a different time limit based on the type of information needed. If the time exceeds the posted time on that page, the tickets you are holding are released for others to purchase. You have about 8 minutes in total to complete your purchase. This gives as many people as possible the chance to purchase tickets. To prevent your tickets from being released, please use only one browser window at a time (on the same computer) to hold tickets.

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